When the lights go down, we go live.

Over three years ago, the Big D Soccer After Dark live show kicked off with those exact words. We evolved from a meager live conversation after FC Dallas games to a regular video and audio podcast which takes comments and questions from fellow fans as we go. This means you can expect humor, tangents, and something real, honest, and decent. Maybe even surprising.

In this new era, we give thanks the wonderful folks at Big D Soccer, who we still support, and embark in a new direction with our own website and subscribers to make beautiful and raw content for the best soccer fans in Texas.

Welcome to Afterburn Soccer.

Where does our name come from?

Yes, we are trying to be a bit clever. After, of course, comes from our first iteration of the show - Big D After Dark. Burn comes as an homage to the original name of the FC Dallas team, the Dallas Burn.

Why subscribe?

Subscribe to get full access to the newsletter and website. We’ll post some exclusive clips from players and coaches from time to time and hit you with fun questions in our subscriber chat. We are still figuring this stuff out and appreciate every dollar you toss our way.


Afterburn Soccer is a live soccer show and blog that covers FC Dallas, North Texas SC, Major League Soccer, and the United States Men's National Team.


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